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marketing research focused on communications strategy

marketing research focused on communications strategy

If you’re charged with…

If you’re charged with harnessing or changing audience perceptions and behavior, it’s vital to connect what you do, sell or believe with your target audiences’ needs and wants.

Artemis Strategy Group helps clients develop effective communications strategies built on sound research. Our Motivation Research approach enables our clients to make sense of how their audiences’ thoughts and emotions directly drive choices and behavior.

We work with a wide range of commercial, not-for-profit and public sector clients to help them develop compelling messaging, positioning and communications strategy.



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artemis_map_manWe are excited to announce the next round of research in our MOTIVATIONS ASSESSMENT PROGRAM™ (MAP) series. Our research dives deep into what motivates decision-making in two critical aspects of people’s lives: health and finances.

The Artemis team has completed qualitative research, probing significant trends in consumer behavior and priorities, and will conclude the quantitative phase this spring.

We look forward to sharing MAP 2016 results in the next several months with clients and friends. To discuss this compelling research and its application to your communications and marketing goals, contact Anne Aldrich.

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