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marketing research focused on communications strategy

marketing research focused on communications strategy

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Since 2006, Artemis Strategy Group has helped clients develop effective communications strategies built on sound marketing research.

Our Motivation Research approach enables our clients to make sense of what drives their target audiences’ choices and behavior and use research-based insights to create compelling messaging, positioning and communications strategies.

We work with a broad range of clients in the commercial, not-for-profit and public sectors and specialize in solutions for financial and health services clients.



Karin Patterson Joins Artemis & America Saves


America Saves Pledge Facilitates Saving

New research by America Saves, in partnership with Artemis Strategy Group, explores who Committed Savers are, what triggered and/or accelerated their savings, what barriers they encountered in their savings journey, what steps they took to overcome these challenges, and how well they succeeded. Read the full press release and download the survey summary and data.


Karin Patterson Joins Artemis

Welcome to Karin Patterson, who recently joined Artemis Strategy Group as Project Manager. Karin brings twenty years of experience in marketing research and information technology, management and strategy. Read her full bio.

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Americans and their money

Americans and Their Money

You can’t ignore money. Americans make many decisions daily, weekly, monthly and annually about money: how to get it, use it, learn about it and accumulate it.


In this first report on financial decision-making, we take a holistic look at how Americans think about their financial lives by focusing on the context of financial decisions. Understanding context — Americans’ mindsets about their financial circumstances and goals — is a crucial first step in illustrating the framework of financial decisions.

MAP Intro

Through our Motivations Assessment Program™ (MAP), Artemis Strategy Group examines the forces that motivate individual decisions. Click here to order Americans and Their Money and start the conversation about reaching your marketing and communications goals.

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Does Money Reduce Financial Anxiety?

Our recent ebook from our Motivation Assessment Program™ (MAP) work, Americans and Their Money, describes the impact of financial anxiety on Americans. One reasonable assumption is that the accumulation of financial assets can reduce financial anxiety. We decided to examine that by looking separately at Americans who have at least half a million dollars ($500,000+) in investable assets to see the extent to which the broad anxiety we observe applies. The findings we highlight here focus on financial anxiety, its triggers, and how affluent Americans differ from the general population of Americans.   Financial anxiety is present, but less of an issue for affluent Americans. Those with $500k or more in assets express much […]

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The Impact of Financial Anxiety

If you’re an NPR listener you may have heard Kai Ryssdal on Marketplace talking about Americans’ financial anxiety. Marketplace has been conducting a periodic survey of Americans for the last year to gauge their level of financial anxiety. They’ve also related their findings to how people feel about the election. In NPR fashion, they invite their audience to dig into their data. So that’s what we’ve done. Here’s what stands out to us: One-third of Americans (34%) feel financially secure, while four in 10 (39%) feel slightly secure and a quarter (26%) are not secure. One in five (22%) report that they frequently feel anxious about their financial situation and another two in […]

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