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marketing research focused on communications strategy

marketing research focused on communications strategy

If you’re charged with…

If you’re charged with harnessing or changing audience perceptions and behavior, it’s vital to connect what you do, sell or believe with your target audiences’ needs and wants.

Artemis Strategy Group helps clients develop effective communications strategies built on sound research. Our Motivation Research approach enables our clients to make sense of how their audiences’ thoughts and emotions directly drive choices and behavior.

We work with a wide range of commercial, not-for-profit and public sector clients to help them develop compelling messaging, positioning and communications strategy.

That is how you make sense to them. We can help you do that.





If you missed our Associations webinar, Signs Your Industry Needs to Start—or Re-Start—A Campaign, or our Financial Services webinar, She’s Not That Into You: What Women Value About Money and How They Make Financial Decisions, click here for the webinar summaries.

E-book: Healthful is the New Healthy

A new Artemis Strategy Group survey of 1,500 Americans reveals a new health-related trend. Americans are participating in multiple healthy activities to create a more holistic lifestyle we call “healthfulness.” Learn about the personal values underlying healthfulness motivations and how you might apply these insights. Click here for our latest e-book.

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The short answer: Yes. If you want to know why and how, keep reading. Industries need to manage their reputations just as individual companies do. The need can come about as a reaction to a challenge or to maximize market opportunities. Regardless of the current climate and challenge or opportunity at hand, the “licenses to operate” construct is a powerful foundation to employ when positioning an industry. An industry needs three types of licenses to operate: First, it needs political license, the legislative and regulatory underpinnings that frame its legal operating territory. Second, it needs economic license, a degree of acceptance in the market and a cost structure that makes […]

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Thinking about Thought Leadership

Most marketers want to earn trust, engage with market influencers, build credibility, raise awareness of their company or brand, and expand their market. Effective thought leadership programs help you do all these things, and primary research is a great foundation upon which to build a program. A partner organization that we admire, HNW Inc., conducts research on a consistent basis to build their already rich knowledge of the wealthy. Some of their studies are comprehensive and have been measuring attitudes and motivations for at least a decade. Others are fascinating because they are quick measures of sentiment on high-profile topics. We like to think in terms of three buckets of […]

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