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Artemis Strategy Group is a team of award-winning, strategic research thinkers with global reach and vast experience in diverse practice areas. Individually we are dedicated, deliberate experts in our fields. We combine extensive experience, skill, understanding and knowledge with the discipline of a formal thinking framework—a strategy template—to identify and structure insights into strategy. Our principal framework breaks down human decision-making into interrelated elements of motivation, from the very tangible to the very intangible.

Deeply rooted in both academic thought and practical application, the means-end framework underpins every aspect of our work as we target the essential challenge, organize existing research, identify fresh insights, develop creative strategies and evaluate specific tactics.

Our experience and focus ensure excellence and insight, whether the assignment is to build a communications plan, conduct a domestic research project or undertake a global research program.

 Meet the team



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Anne is a founding partner of Artemis Strategy Group, a Washington, D.C., based communications strategy research firm founded in 2006 that specializes in using motivation research to help public and private sector clients drive change and communicate more effectively. Artemis Strategy Group continues the record of success Anne built while leading highly successful financial services and consumer packaged goods research practices as a Senior Vice President at Harris Interactive and before that at communications research leader WirthlinWorldwide.

Anne applies her broad research experience and her passion for understanding what makes people tick to make our research assignments into powerful tools for our clients. Whether in support of marketing/communications strategy, tactical development or assessment efforts, or helping clients build research-based thought leadership programs, Anne is highly attuned to meeting client priorities and making it easy to work with us.

Anne gained some of her research management sensitivity through client side research roles in banking and the newspaper field. Anne has a BA from Indiana University. She volunteers as a marketing consultant for SCORE, an organization that provides support and counsel to entrepreneurs, and she is also on the Advisory Board for Michigan State University’s Masters in Marketing Research program.



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Dave and the other founding partners of Artemis created this firm to continue their passion to design and conduct great research that helps build effective messaging and communications campaigns for  marketing and policy programs.

Prior to starting Artemis in 2006, Dave was President of WirthlinWorldwide and then Group President of Harris Interactive when it acquired WirthlinWorldwide in 2004. He was part of the team that built WirthlinWorldwide into one of the largest and most respected brand research and strategy advisors to major corporations, associations and nonprofit organizations around the world. Dave is committed to ensuring that Artemis extends that legacy of excellence by providing clients with innovative, potent research and advice on how to use it.

Dave built his research and management skills in leadership positions at Bank of America; Yankelovich, Skelly & White; and Mathematica Policy Research. He has a BA from Yale and a Master of Public Affairs from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute. Dave was the Board Chairman of CASRO (the Council of American Survey Research Organizations), the research industry trade association, in 2005 and currently is serving again as “past chairs” representative. Other current and past board roles include current service on the Humphrey Institute Advisory Board and recent service as board member and board chairperson of the Virginia Veterans Services Foundation, sponsor of the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program.



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Jon has the unique ability to make profound, breakthrough observations and conclusions and to then communicate those insights in a straightforward, easily comprehensible manner. He is a global brand strategy specialist with broad experience across a spectrum of research and innovation assignments.

Prior to founding Artemis, he was Senior Vice President with Harris Interactive and with WirthlinWorldwide for 12 years as the leading brand strategy specialist on major assignments spanning industry sectors. During his time at Harris and Wirthlin, his work was twice recognized with David Ogilvy Awards for innovative research in support of strategic advertising campaigns. Jon began to build his global knowledge as Vice President of Macro International; he established and managed research operations during the late ’80s and early ’90s in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia, helping Western companies introduce their products and services to the newly opened markets of Eastern Europe.

Jon began his career and developed his orientation to politics and policy as a legislative and research director for U.S. Senator Robert T. Stafford (R-VT). Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of North Carolina.

Christine LePottier photoCHRISTINE LEPOTTIER

Research Manager

Christine pays attention to the little things—with an eagle eye for detail—while still keeping the big picture in sight and mind. As Research Manager at Artemis, she always has the end goal in sight and is particularly thorough.

Her background includes advertising research experience at BBDO and a long stint at WirthlinWorldwide, where her management of large international assignments was a huge asset. Christine holds an honors BA in political science and German from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She completed a master’s degree and all but her dissertation toward a doctorate in international relations and political economy at Northwestern University.


Research Manager

Julie is a seasoned research manager and relationship builder who understands that strong communication leads to success. Her clients have noted that she has the rare ability to take in and process a multitude of facts and details and focus on what’s most important. Then to ask the questions to identify what to do next, carving away the fat and the distractions.

Prior to joining Artemis, Julie led teams of researchers focusing on financial services/insurance, transportation, education, public opinion, and health research at NuStats, Foremost/Farmers, and Old Kent Financial Corporation. Julie graduated summa cum laude in economics and history from Hope College.


Senior Project Director
Karolyn is an astute listener of customer sentiment and has been helping companies translate voice-of-customer insights into actionable marketing strategies for over a decade. Her research experience spans across the financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, public affairs and technology industries. Karolyn’s background in sociology makes her a natural observer of social conditions, which is critical in segmenting research populations and understanding consumers’ underlying motivations, perspectives and emotional drivers.

During research engagements, Karolyn helps clients connect the dots between seemingly disparate pieces of information in order to develop a compelling story that leads to confident decision making and inspires creative approaches to persistent challenges. She keeps the endgame in mind, with a laser focus on what it takes to win and seamless, end-to-end project

Prior to her role at Artemis, Karolyn honed her qualitative and quantitative expertise in research leadership positions at three of the Honomichl Top 50 market research firms and drove marketing strategy as a corporate strategic marketing director in the high-end polymer sector. Karolyn holds a BS in sociology and women’s studies from the College of Charleston and an MA in sociology from the University of Maryland, College Park.