Artemis Strategy Group has a unique ability to serve the industry association community; we are attuned to and have deep expertise in both marketing and policy. We have experience conducting research with organizations such as DSA (the Direct Selling Association), IFIC (International Food Information Council), AF&PA (paper and forest products), CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) and MilkPEP (the Milk Mustache people).

  • Improved Information Leads to ‘Mission Accomplished.’ In this first case, we outline our instrumental relationship with the Direct Selling Association. Read more
  • Refueling Athletes: Capitalizing on a Ripe New Market for an Existing Product. A breakout initiative by MilkPEP pushed into a promising sector of the beverage market where it had not previously been a player. Read more
  • Understanding Consumer Packaging Preferences to Influence Retailer Behavior.  The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) wanted to understand the motivations behind consumers’ packaging preferences to develop an effective communications strategy targeted to consumers and retailers. Read more



Artemis Strategy Group conducts communications and policy research for organizations focused on education issues ranging from early childhood education to public school policies to higher education. Our research portfolio includes a comprehensive brand assessment and positioning program for University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, a brand positioning project for Georgetown University Alumni Association and an assessment of the effectiveness of West Point Military Academy’s communications.

  •  How Do You Create a Winning Brand Articulation?: The University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs was evaluating how it articulated its brand value proposition. Read more
  •  How Do You Build Alumni Engagement?: Our assignment for Georgetown University’s alumni association was framed to address three objectives. Read more
  • How Do You Bring Discipline to Strategic Communications?: Guided by its outside communications advisory committee, the communications group at The United States Military Academy at West Point contracted with Artemis Strategy Group to provide an assessment of the effectiveness of the Academy’s communications. Read more


Financial Services

The Artemis team has a wide and deep history with the financial services industry, helping organizations with their thought leadership, building brand identity, analyzing the impact of new technology capabilities and addressing many other market insight issues for financial service institutions. These cases give a sampling, showing how our motivation research helped a major bank’s marketing and operations teams refine its technology marketing initiatives; how the Artemis research approach helped PNC Bank to elevate the visibility of its thought leadership position in retirement financial services; and how we helped the U.S. Treasury gain insights on how to motivate a challenging population to move financial transactions from paper to electronic format.

  • Deepening Customer Relationships with Technology. A major bank came to us with good news and bad news. Because of their consumer-friendly technology, a growing portion of their customer base conducted their day-to-day transactions online. Read more
  • Thought Leadership: PNC “Perspectives of Retirement”. In 2012, PNC Bank asked Artemis Strategy Group to help support the bank’s position as a leader in the crowded world of retirement planning and investment advice by conducting studies to generate original insights on public attitudes and behaviors. Read more
  • Motivating Consumers to Adopt New Technology. The U.S. Treasury Department has worked for years to move payments to and from the government from paper format to electronic, primarily to save money but also for efficiency and security reasons. Read more


Health and Nutrition

The Artemis team serves consumer and health markets from a variety of perspectives, especially focusing on issues that touch on health and nutrition. In these cases we describe how Artemis Strategy Group helped MilkPEP, the iconic milk mustache program, shape a creative campaign aimed at breaking into a new market; how Artemis provided a major food association with guiding principles to help improve public understanding of the U.S. food supply; and how Artemis helped a healthcare insurance provider develop an appropriate brand positioning and go-to-market strategy in the Affordable Care Act health exchanges.

  • Refueling Athletes: Capitalizing on a Ripe New Market for an Existing Product. The beverage market has exploded over the past decade and one of the most active markets is consumers who refresh, replenish or refuel after athletic activity. MilkPEP, the organization behind the National Milk Mustache “got milk” campaign, saw an opportunity. Read more
  • Using Research to Improve Confidence and Build Trust. Americans expect the U.S. food supply to be safe. But food safety has its complexities and it’s easy for consumers to be confused. Read more
  • Health Insurance: Capitalizing on a New Market Opportunity. The Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges create a new market opportunity that can change the competitive landscape for health insurance companies. But they also present significant challenges for any company designing and communicating its offer. Read more