Motivation Research Approach

You want a solid foundation for your communications and marketing strategies. Knowing your audience—where to meet them, what will speak to their values and how to motivate them—can be achieved through conclusive research. Specifically, our research helps you address the whys behind the behavior so you can make sound policy, brand and communication decisions.

Methods & Tools

The Artemis Motivation Research approach has several elements that set it apart.

It builds on the means-end theory of decision-making, used by leading marketers and communicators for more than 50 years to create persuasive messages.

We use both qualitative and quantitative methods. Our in-depth qualitative methodology is thorough and rigorous, and our quantitative approach is proprietary—built through years of experience.

Our unique decision maps, which serve as a platform for the strategic thinking we provide, are one of the most valuable components of our output.

Motivation Research in Action

We use Motivation Research to help top financial, consumer and health brands determine how to:

  • Position and promote their products
  • Build their brand positioning
  • Understand how to motivate audiences to change their behavior
  • Engage new audience segments
  • Help non-profits and foundations find their “voice”

The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) wanted to understand the motivations behind consumers’ packaging preferences to develop an effective communications strategy targeted to consumers and retailers. Read the case study here.


We often cannot share the results of our Motivation Research because our clients commission our work for internal, strategic purposes. That’s why we created a program of research that allows us to share the results of our techniques with friends and clients.

The Motivations Assessment Program™ (MAP) is a service of Artemis Strategy Group that provides rich insights on financial and health decision-making and illustrates our Motivation Research approach. We recently completed an extensive quantitative survey of a diverse cross-section of Americans to examine the goals, actions, barriers and motivations associated with Americans’ individual health and financial decisions.

 Blog posts

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  • Although much of our work focuses on those who have been more successful in accumulating wealth, we looked in more depth at the savings motivations and behaviors of Americans across the board. Read more.
  • We were part of the strategic message-building team that helped the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) succeed in expanding the numbers of eligible people who enrolled to insure their children. Read more.