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Since 2006, Artemis Strategy Group has helped clients develop strong communications strategies using our Motivation Research approach. We are human motivation experts and hands-on researchers, working closely with our clients in service of their success.

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The Motivations Assessment ProgramTM (MAP) is a resource we draw on to supplement our custom research for our clients. We offer papers and eBooks to illustrate our proprietary Motivation Research approach, and in the process we highlight key decision drivers related to health and financial decision making.

Health and Finances: Americans’ Views on Government Priorities

Health and Finances: Americans’ Views on Government Priorities

Becoming Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Can an App Do All That?

Becoming Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Can an App Do All That?

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Booking Business Travel: Digital Transactions Preferred, According to CWT Study

The CWT Human vs. Machine study that we conducted shows that business travelers prefer to manage their travel transactions digitally, via an app or browser. Specific findings include that two-thirds of travelers prefer machines when booking air travel. Learn more.

Booking business travel research on technology preferences


Financial Attitudes and Behaviors Are Shifting, According to Ameriprise Modern Money Study

The Ameriprise Modern Money study, a recently released study that we conducted, finds that financial attitudes and behaviors are shifting. Overall, investors feel financially confident, but worry about the next generation in their family. Learn more.

Financial attitudes are shifting: A multi-generational family photo


New Case Study: Public Communications Campaign Research on Bicycling

For this public communications campaign research case study, we worked with partner Neimand Collaborative to help PeopleForBikes — an industry coalition of bicycling supporters and retailers, as well as a charitable foundation — build a common value proposition around the wider concept of mobility. The goal was to build a campaign that bike enthusiasts advocates and the wider non-biking public could rally around. Learn more.

Public Communications Campaign Research on Bicycling


Engaging Women in Their Financial Lives

In 1974, thanks to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, women were given the right to open bank accounts and get mortgages and personal credit cards in their own names. Before that, single women were required to bring a man along to cosign any credit application, regardless of their income. Today, less than 50 years later, women have more financial opportunities than they’ve had in the history of our country. But there are still gaps between women's financial inclusion and security and that of men.