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Since 2006, Artemis Strategy Group has helped clients develop strong communications strategies using our Motivation Research approach. We are human motivation experts and hands-on researchers, working closely with our clients in service of their success.

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Ameriprise Financial’s Ages, Stages & Money Study

In a study conducted by Artemis, client Ameriprise Financial found that investors across five decades feel confident about their financial journey, despite setbacks and fears. Significant financial setbacks are common across generations of Americans and that different generations tend to have different causes and effects for their setbacks. This report demonstrates how investors compare with their cohorts.



From Confidently Anxious to Practically Confident: How Americans of Different Generations Feel About Money

Our second eBook in the MAP series on financial decision-making focuses on generational differences. Financial services marketers and advocates will find ideas for reaching and speaking to people at each life stage. Download your copy.



Intersections between and amongst industries can create opportunities. Our work gives us a window into several sectors, and we often find ourselves applying what we’ve learned from one industry to an entirely different industry. Here are three examples.