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marketing research focused on communications strategy

marketing research focused on communications strategy

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Since 2006, Artemis Strategy Group has helped clients develop effective communications strategies built on sound marketing research.

With our Motivation Research approach, organizations can make sense of what drives their target audiences’ choices and behavior and use research-based insights to create compelling messaging, positioning and communications strategies.

We work with a broad range of clients in the commercial, not-for-profit and public sectors and specialize in solutions for financial and health services organizations.



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From Confidently Anxious to Practically Confident: How Americans of Different Generations Feel About Money

From Confidently Anxious to Practically Confident: How Americans of Different Generations Feel About Money 

NEW! Our second eBook in the MAP series on financial decision-making focuses on generational differences. Financial services marketers and advocates will find ideas for reaching and speaking to people at each life stage. Download your copy.

Health and Happiness

Health and Happiness

NEW! Health and Happiness: A Purposeful Approachthe second eBook in our series on health decision-making, focuses on how Americans think about and take action related to their health.

This broad look at personal health decision-making offers a useful starting point for those engaged in influencing specific health decisions and improving Americans’ health to think about motivational strategies.

Contact Anne Aldrich, Partner, to learn how Motivation Research helps our clients reach their marketing and communications goals.

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The Ecosystem of Issues If you are like most people, you often are asked to support one cause or another. Too often, it seems. We live in a world and at a time when we are bombarded with policy, advocacy and philanthropic opportunities. The commercial and industrial world has its own challenges with clutter and competition. A difference with issue advocacy is, while you may not think of a public cause as something with competitors, the whole environment is a competition to attract attention, mind share and finite resources. That’s why the power of a transformative idea is so important. The essence of an issue advocacy campaign is to connect […]

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