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Since 2006, Artemis Strategy Group has helped clients develop strong communications strategies using our Motivation Research approach. We are human motivation experts and hands-on researchers, working closely with our clients in service of their success.

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Our complimentary eBooks and webinar summaries were created with marketing and communications leaders in mind as part of our Motivations Assessment Program (MAP™). They provide insights into health and financial decisions that have audience, communications, product or policy implications. Review our offerings and request downloads below.

Americans and Their Money

In this report on financial decision-making, we analyze the results of primary research that focused on the context of Americans' financial decision making to take a holistic look at how Americans think about their financial lives.

Brand Strategy Research eBook

This free ebook is about brand strategy research and provides tips for brand positioning, the development of strong and impactful messages effective enough to motivate people to act. It’s aimed at corporate marketing and communication strategists, and the researchers who support them.

From Confidently Anxious to Practically Confident: How Americans of Different Generations Feel About Money

In this report, we examine how Americans’ financial outlook and well-being vary as a function of age and life stage. We also provide ideas for financial marketers and advocates looking to reach and speak to different generations.

Health and Happiness: A Purposeful Approach

In this second report on health decision-making, we focus on how Americans think about and take action related to their health. It offers a useful strategic starting point for those engaged in influencing specific health decisions and improving Americans’ health.

Healthful Is the New Healthy

The results from our primary marketing research have implications for health communicators and marketers. Find out why the personal values–health behavior connection is important for persuading your audience to act.




Retirement Income Protection & Looming Crisis, Alliance for Lifetime Income

Many Americans do not have protected retirement income. The Alliance for Lifetime Income recently published results of their inaugural Protected Lifetime Income Index. The findings, from research conducted by Artemis and our partners, highlight the urgent need for Americans to secure reliable lifetime income for retirement. Learn more.

Retirement income protection study findings for the Alliance for Lifetime Income


Small and Mid-size Business Owners’ Economic Outlook in Fall 2018, PNC Bank

Optimism isn’t quite as high for small business in fall 2018 as it was earlier in the year, according to the most recent PNC Economic Outlook Survey we conducted. However, optimism is still far above fall 2017 and many other indicators point to continued business growth. Learn more.

Small Business Fall 2018 Economic Outlook Survey for PNC Bank


Entrepreneurs as Philanthropists, Fidelity Charitable Study

Our research comparing the qualities and approaches of entrepreneurs’ philanthropy with that of non-entrepreneurs led to this Fidelity Charitable study. The overall insight is entrepreneurs are leading the way in American philanthropy. Review the key insights that inspired this conclusion.

Entrepreneurs' Philanthropy Qualities and Approaches, Fidelity Charitable Study




Financial Insecurity in America: Inspiration and Ideas from EMERGE  

Financial insecurity and inclusion is the focus of the CFSI EMERGE Financial Health Forum. The 2018 event inspired and informed, highlighting challenges, imperatives and solutions.
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