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Fidelity Charitable’s ‘Overcoming Barriers to Giving’ Findings

Fidelity Charitable released the findings from their study about the things that keep donors from giving, and how to best address these concerns.

They found that almost two-thirds (64%) of donors would like to give more to charity. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents cited personal finances as an obstacle to giving, while 65% were concerned with the impact of their giving. The complete report is available here.

Fidelity Charitable Overcoming Barriers to Giving graphic


Carlson Wagonlit Travel Publishes Results of Business Travel and Relationships Study

In a study conducted by Artemis, client Carlson Wagonlit Travel found that business travelers from the Americas are best at staying in touch with family, relative to travelers from Asia Pacific and Europe. Half of business travelers from the Americas contact their families during business trips as compared to around one third of Asian Pacific and one-quarter of European travelers. See the full-size infographic of the results here [PDF].


From Confidently Anxious to Practically Confident: How Americans of Different Generations Feel About Money

Our second eBook in the MAP series on financial decision-making focuses on generational differences. Financial services marketers and advocates will find ideas for reaching and speaking to people at each life stage. Download your copy.


The Key to Powerful Issue Advocacy

If you are like most people, you often are asked to support one cause or another. Too often, it seems. We live in a world and at a time when we are bombarded with policy, advocacy and philanthropic opportunities. The commercial and industrial world has its own challenges with clutter and competition. A difference with issue advocacy is, while you may not think of a public cause as something with competitors, the whole environment is a competition to attract attention, mind share and finite resources.