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Since 2006, Artemis Strategy Group has helped clients develop strong communications strategies using our Motivation Research approach. We are human motivation experts and hands-on researchers, working closely with our clients in service of their success.

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The Motivations Assessment ProgramTM (MAP) is a resource we draw on to supplement our custom research for our clients. We offer papers and eBooks to illustrate our proprietary Motivation Research approach, and in the process we highlight key decision drivers related to health and financial decision making.

Health and Finances: Americans’ Views on Government Priorities

Health and Finances: Americans’ Views on Government Priorities

Becoming Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Can an App Do All That?

Becoming Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Can an App Do All That?


Majority of Americans Anxious About Financial Preparedness in Retirement, According to Alliance for Lifetime Income Study

According to our recent study for the Alliance for Lifetime Income, eight in ten non-retired Americans (80%) express anxiety that their savings may not provide enough to live on in retirement. Learn more.

Retirement financial anxiety of Americans on a spectrum from not at all anxious to extremely anxious


Majority of Affluent Investors Do Not Consider Themselves Wealthy, According to Ameriprise Modern Money Study

Our recent study for client Ameriprise found that only 13 percent of people who have one million dollars or more in investable assets consider themselves wealthy. Learn more.

Affluent investors do not consider themselves wealthy -- and more Ameriprise Modern Money findings summarized in this infographic



Business Travelers Welcome Travel Innovation, According to CWT Study

Our recent study for client CWT revealed that 71% of business travelers worldwide embrace travel innovation, especially innovations that make their journey easier and allow them to be well connected throughout their trip. Learn more.

Travel innovation: CWT infographic depicting how business travelers embrace innovation


Health and Wealth: Research on Americans’ Peace of Mind

The intersection between Americans’ health and wealth is intuitive. Some companies are beginning to offer products, services and employee benefits to meet the needs that arise from this convergence. We believe there is opportunity to explore even more solutions that will help Americans become more at peace with their health and wealth, and to help companies grow and become more profitable at the same time.