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Tailgate Season & Innovative Marketing

Football is a great excuse for a party, and attending a tailgate on beautiful fall days is as natural and wonderful as biting into a crisp fall apple.

A pedestrian crossing sign with a pair of wings and a Red Bull can added on.At a recent Michigan State University game our tailgate was in full swing on a gorgeous September day. A couple of dozen people hung around on the grass next to a full parking lot eating, drinking, catching up and completely enjoying the day.

A young man asked to borrow our cooler so he could stand on it and reach up to a street sign close to where we had settled. “I’ll give you some free Red Bull if you let me use it for a couple of minutes,” he grinned.

He dragged the cooler to the yellow cross-walk sign and taped a can of Red Bull and a pair of wings to the figure on the sign. He hauled our cooler back to the group, threw a few Red Bulls to the young guys at the tailgate and went on his way.

It was a great example of innovative marketing. What better place to demonstrate that your brand brings energy and fun to the get-together?

And the young men at the tailgate were happy to have the Red Bull to go with their Jagermeister.

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