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Motivating Consumers to Adopt New Technology

Understanding target audience: Motivating Consumers to Adopt New Technology: direct deposit for the US Treasury

The Situation The U.S. Department of the Treasury has worked for years to move payments to and from the government from paper format to electronic, a new technology implemented primarily to save money but also for efficiency and security reasons. In the early 2000s it was focused on how to encourage the last 20 percent […]

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Financial Services

The Artemis team has an extensive history with the financial services industry, helping organizations with their thought leadership, building brand identity, analyzing the impact of new technology capabilities and addressing many other market insight issues for financial service institutions. These cases give a sampling, showing how we worked with Eaton Vance to build one of […]

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Technology That Serves a (Useful) Purpose

Illustration of technology mind map

Some technological capabilities are introduced more because someone created them than because they fulfill a specific need. As computer and mobile capabilities become even more commonplace, which capabilities will work best for the unique needs of people in different segments of society?

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Common Interests: Financial Capability

Helen out shopping using her mobile phone to make sure the checking balance is going to cover her debit card purchase.

Consumers use and expect technology tools to address the full range of their financial needs. These tools factor into our financial research that focuses on strategies to improve the financial literacy and balance sheets of all Americans.

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How Will COVID-19 Change Us?

Coronavirus news on a screen

Americans’ priorities and behaviors already are changing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these changes will continue and be long-lasting. The challenge for any forward-looking enterprise hoping to adapt properly is to begin developing a sense of what is most likely to happen. While the pandemic and the response to it are […]

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Digital Health: Supply and Demand

An Apple Watch surrounded by a FitBit -- wearable tech

The Consumer Technology Association’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) spotlights the development path of new technologies aimed at making our living experience more fulfilling, exciting and sometimes safer. To that last point, digital health devices and wearables again were among the most active sectors at the show.

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