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Retirement Savings Responsibility: The Case of myRA

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In July the U.S. Treasury announced the cancellation of myRA (my Retirement Account), a starter-retirement-savings product they launched in 2015 to help people without access to employer-sponsored retirement plans. The Treasury developed this product, under the Savings Bond authority of the government, in recognition of the growing retirement-savings crisis in the United States. It built […]

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America Saves Pledge Facilitates Saving

New research by America Saves, in partnership with Artemis Strategy Group, explores who Committed Savers are, what triggered and/or accelerated their savings, what barriers they encountered in their savings journey, what steps they took to overcome these challenges, and how well they succeeded. Read the full press release and download the survey summary and data.

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Big Savings!

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America has a saving problem. New savings research provides ideas on how to help, by providing three steps that can help motivate Americans to build a habit of saving.

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Majority of Americans Anxious About Financial Preparedness in Retirement, According to Alliance for Lifetime Income Study

Retirement financial anxiety of Americans on a spectrum from not at all anxious to extremely anxious

The majority of Americans are feeling retirement financial anxiety. According to a landmark survey of 3,119 U.S. adults that we conducted for the Alliance for Lifetime Income, eight in ten non-retired Americans (80%) express anxiety that their savings may not provide enough to live on in retirement. Additional findings include the following: Americans are approaching […]

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