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The Impact of Financial Anxiety

Financial anxiety can feel like a busy stairwell in black and white, people passing through are blurry

If you’re an NPR listener you may have heard Kai Ryssdal on Marketplace talking about Americans’ financial anxiety. Marketplace has been conducting a periodic survey of Americans for the last year to gauge their level of financial anxiety. They’ve also related their findings to how people feel about the election. In NPR fashion, they invite their audience to […]

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Feeling Pretty Good…Except for the Pain in My Wallet

A worn leather wallet to illustrate health and financial wellbeing

Initial findings from the 2016 Artemis Motivations Assessment Program™ (MAP) include the following on Americans’ health and financial wellbeing: Confidence about health far exceeds financial confidence Health and finance decisions both produce anxiety Most people strive for good health and financial wellbeing throughout their adult lives, the pair acting as two of life’s greatest motivators. […]

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American Dream: The Good News and the Bad News

The concept of the American Dream has been challenged: A digital version of the United States flag on a large screen

This is a continuation of notes from the Federal Reserve’s 2015 Economic Mobility conference, a gathering that brings together thinkers from around the country who are focused on understanding the forces impacting the economic health of Americans. This conference was built strongly around an assessment of how the American Dream concept has been challenged, and […]

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Communications Campaigns: Using Motivation Research To Build a Winning Strategy

Communications campaigns using motivation research, motivating people to act, arrows pointing up

This article on communications campaigns was originally written for frank talk, a blog run by University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications. Read the original post here. When your goal is to change the way that people think and behave, it’s important to really understand what motivates them. What separates run-of-the-mill communications campaigns from […]

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