Artemis Strategy Group has a unique ability to serve the industry association community; we are attuned to and have deep expertise in both marketing and policy research. We have experience conducting research with organizations such as PERC (Propane Education Research Council), DSA, AF&PA (paper and forest products), CMI (Can Manufacturers Institute) and MilkPEP (the “Milk Mustache” people).

  • Improved Information Leads to ‘Mission Accomplished.’ In this first case, we outline our instrumental relationship with the Direct Selling Association. Read more
  • Refueling Athletes: Capitalizing on a Ripe New Market for an Existing Product. A breakout initiative by MilkPEP pushed into a promising sector of the beverage market where it had not previously been a player. Read more
  • Understanding Consumer Packaging Preferences to Influence Retailer Behavior. The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) wanted to understand the motivations behind consumers’ packaging preferences to develop an effective communications strategy targeted to consumers and retailers. Read more