Identifying Real-Time Perspectives of Financial Advisors for Eaton Vance

The Situation

Eaton Vance, a leading global asset manager whose history dates to 1924, was interested in learning about the primary concerns of U.S. financial advisors, their opinions about market sentiment and what issues they typically address with their clients throughout the year. The goal was to create a thought leadership initiative that would provide useful, real-time information to financial advisors, asset managers and the media, raise awareness of the Eaton Vance brand and engage with market influencers.

Our Recommendation

We worked with Eaton Vance to develop the Advisor Top-of-Mind Index, or “ATOMIX,” an ongoing measure of how concerned advisors are about important issues such as generating income, managing volatility, reducing taxes and growing wealth. ATOMIX is derived from a quarterly survey of more than 1,000 financial advisors that tracks their opinions about these issues, as well as timely market events, over time to see how perspectives change with the market—or not.

The Outcome

We’ve been working with Eaton Vance to conduct this survey quarterly since 2013. What began as a small study has evolved into one of the largest quarterly surveys of financial advisors. Eaton Vance tracks how financial advisors’ perspectives change over time as the markets change. Through the ATOMIX survey, we’ve found that advisors’ concerns do change with the market, and clear trends have emerged. Eaton Vance presents the latest quarterly results on its website via reports, infographics and video. Furthermore, Eaton Vance investment professionals use these results to articulate market trends, identify sensitive topics and develop solutions to meet ever-changing client needs.

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