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The Upside of Business Travel, CWT Study

The upside of business travel, according to CWT study results (infographic)

In our recent study for client CWT, respondents said that the positives significantly outweigh the negatives, both at work (92%) and at home (82%), when traveling for business. Detailed findings include the following: Travelers from the Americas are the most enthusiastic about the positives of business travel, followed by travelers from Asia Pacific and Europe. […]

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Small and Mid-Size Business Owners Remain Optimistic, According to PNC Study

Business owners optimistic: A sign reading "Yes, we're open" hangings inside a glass window

The fall 2019 results of our semiannual study for client PNC, in which we ask small and mid-size business owners and executives about their business and economic outlook, were recently published. The study revealed that, despite pricing pressures and tariff concerns, measures of business owner optimism are approaching the record-setting highs measured in spring 2018. […]

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Business Travelers’ Health-Consciousness Increases During Trips, According to CWT Study

Business traveler health and wellness routines while on trips, results from CWT study

Our recent study for client CWT, in which we studied global business travelers’ health and wellness routines while on the road, was recently published. The research revealed that, overall, business travelers are more health-conscious during trips. Detailed findings include the following: Overall 38% of business travelers eat healthier while on work trips.¬†Asia Pacific travelers are […]

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Majority of Americans Anxious About Financial Preparedness in Retirement, According to Alliance for Lifetime Income Study

Retirement financial anxiety of Americans on a spectrum from not at all anxious to extremely anxious

The majority of Americans are feeling retirement financial anxiety. According to a landmark survey of 3,119 U.S. adults that we conducted for the Alliance for Lifetime Income, eight in ten non-retired Americans (80%) express anxiety that their savings may not provide enough to live on in retirement. Additional findings include the following: Americans are approaching […]

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Majority of Affluent Investors Do Not Consider Themselves Wealthy, According to Ameriprise Modern Money Study

Affluent investors do not consider themselves wealthy -- and more Ameriprise Modern Money findings summarized in this infographic

  The second chapter of the Ameriprise Modern Money study, in which we asked today’s investors how they navigate their financial lives, was recently published. The research revealed that being a millionaire may not equate to perceptions of wealth — in fact, only 13 percent of people who have one million dollars or more in […]

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Business Travelers Welcome Travel Innovation, According to CWT Study

Travel innovation: CWT infographic depicting how business travelers embrace innovation

Our recent study for client CWT, in which we measured how global business travelers feel about travel innovation, was recently published. The research revealed that 71% of business travelers worldwide embrace travel innovation, especially innovations that make their journey easier and allow them to be well connected throughout their trip. Detailed findings include the following: […]

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