Our complimentary eBooks and webinar summaries were created with marketing and communications leaders in mind as part of our Motivations Assessment Program (MAP™) . They provide insights into health and financial decisions that have audience, communications, product or policy implications. Review our offerings and request downloads below.

Americans and Their Money

This first eBook in our 2016-17 series illustrates the context of financial decision-making. Originating from our MAP survey of more than 3,000 Americans, it sets the table for our next two reports. Don’t miss this review of today's financial mindsets and goals. We reveal both a picture of the collective financial psyche and a sense of...

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Don’t Just Talk to Your Audience; Persuade Them: Research for Effective Brand Positioning

This eBook is about moving people to act. It’s about positioning, the development of strong and impactful messages effective enough to motivate people to act. It’s for corporate marketing and communication strategists, and the researchers who support them. ...

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From Confidently Anxious to Practically Confident: How Americans of Different Generations Feel About Money

This second eBook in our MAP series on financial decision making focuses on generational differences. Based on a large quantitative study (n=3041) and in-depth qualitative research, our report reveals how Americans’ financial outlook and well-being vary by age and life stage. Financial services marketers and advocates will find ideas for reaching and speaking to different generations...

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Health and Happiness: A Purposeful Approach

This second eBook in our MAP series on health decision making focuses on how Americans think about and take action related to their health. It offers a useful starting point for those engaged in influencing specific health decisions and improving Americans’ health to think about motivational strategies. Based on a large quantitative study (n=3041) and in-depth qualitative...

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Healthful Is the New Healthy

An Artemis Strategy Group MAP survey of 1,500 Americans reveals a new health-related trend. Americans are participating in multiple healthy activities to create a more holistic lifestyle we call “healthfulness.” Learn about the personal values underlying healthfulness motivations and how you might apply these insights. ...

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Associations Webinars

Signs Your Industry Needs to Start—or Re-Start—A Campaign

Jon DeWitt, Partner, Artemis Strategy Group, and Tom Nagle, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Statler Nagle, present some well-known and lesser known association campaigns that point to best practices, common pitfalls and guiding principles. Download the webinar slides.

Thought Leadership