Thought Leadership Services

Our thought leadership expertise is based on more than two decades of experience. Artemis Strategy Group has conducted thought leadership studies with several organizations in the past few years including:

People walk on an arrow that points ahead

Many effective thought leadership initiatives are forward thinking.


Our tips for developing an effective thought leadership program:

  1. Thought leadership requires thinking: Start by harnessing what you know and identifying themes and hypotheses to be tested.
  2. Be different, meaningful and interesting: Lots of studies are conducted for public release. Make sure yours sets you apart.
  3. Don’t be self-serving. Don’t blatantly use the research to sell your products and services. The media and consumers are savvy and won’t pay attention if they think it’s a sales pitch.
  4. Tell a story. Great ideas are often communicated with compelling stories, and they are driven home with quantitative supporting evidence.
  5. Be consistent. Tracking studies or quarterly updates set you up to be the ‘go to’ company for the media.