What We Do

Our portfolio of services is designed to aid effective communications at all stages of development from positioning to message development and beyond. We help our clients work easily with research results and bring strategy options alive.



We focus on four sectors and have expertise in several others.

Motivation Research Approach

rU6dBgialocUGhFwSXNQeQ5fZOur unique Motivation Research approach targets what motivates people to make specific decisions. We break down human decision-making into interrelated elements of motivation, from the very tangible to the very intangible.

Our team shows how the tangible aspects of your company or organization connect with the emotional needs of your audiences. We then provide insights and discuss strategies so that your communications strengthen the personal relevance of your brand or mission for your target audience. Read more

Our Clients

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The Motivations Assessment Program™ (MAP) is a free service for financial and health marketers and communicators seeking to influence their target audiences’ decision-making.