Who We Are

Every marketing research firm worth its salt can describe the who, what, where, when and how of the matter. Artemis Strategy Group enables you to understand why people think and behave. We equip you to change the who, what, where, when and how.

Our Motivation Research approach addresses the “whys behind behavior and enables effective communications and marketing strategies. Our expertise is split between strategic/business market research and public release or thought leadership studies.

We are hands-on researchers, and we will work closely with you to make sure our research helps you fulfill your mission.

Anne Aldrich


Anne AldrichAnne, a founding partner of Artemis Strategy Group, applies her broad research experience and passion for understanding what makes people tick to make our research assignments into powerful tools for our clients. Whether in support of marketing/communications strategy, tactical development or assessment, or helping clients build research-based thought leadership programs, Anne is highly attuned to meeting client priorities and making it easy to work with us.

Anne led the financial services and consumer packaged goods research practices as a Senior Vice President at Harris Interactive. Prior to that, she was research leader at WirthlinWorldwide and has had client-side research roles in banking and the newspaper field. Anne has a BA from Indiana University. She serves on Michigan State University’s Master of Science in Marketing Research Advisory Board.

Dave Richardson


Dave RichardsonDave and the other founding partners of Artemis created this firm to continue their passion for designing and conducting great research that helps build effective messaging and communications campaigns for marketing and policy programs. Prior to starting Artemis in 2006, Dave was President of WirthlinWorldwide and then Group President of Harris Interactive when it acquired WirthlinWorldwide in 2004. Dave is committed to ensuring that Artemis provide clients with innovative, potent research and advice on how to use it.

Dave built his research and management skills in leadership positions at Bank of America; Yankelovich, Skelly & White; and Mathematica Policy Research. He has a BA from Yale University and a Master of Public Affairs from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School. Dave was the Board Chairman of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), the research industry trade association, in 2005 and currently is serving again as “past chairs” representative. Other board roles include current service on the Humphrey Institute Advisory Board and chairman of the board of his church, Unity of Fairfax.

Jon DeWitt


Jon DewittJon, a founding partner of Artemis Strategy Group, has the unique ability to make profound, breakthrough observations and conclusions and to communicate those insights in a straightforward, easily comprehensible manner. He is a global brand strategy specialist with broad experience across a spectrum of research and innovation assignments.

Jon was Senior Vice President with Harris Interactive and WirthlinWorldwide as the leading brand strategy specialist on major assignments spanning industry sectors. During his time at Harris and Wirthlin, his work was twice recognized with David Ogilvy Awards for innovative research in support of strategic advertising campaigns. Jon began to build his global knowledge as Vice President of Macro International. Jon began his career and developed his orientation to politics and policy as a legislative and research director for U.S. Senator Robert T. Stafford (R-VT). Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of North Carolina.

Christine LePottier

Research Manager

Christine LePottier photoChristine pays attention to the little things. With an eagle eye for detail, she keeps the big picture in sight and mind. As Research Manager at Artemis, she always has the end goal in sight and is particularly thorough.

Her background includes advertising research experience at BBDO and a long stint at WirthlinWorldwide, where her management of large international assignments was a huge asset. Christine holds an honors BA in political science and German from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She completed a master’s degree and all but her dissertation toward a doctorate in international relations and political economy at Northwestern University.

Julie Paasche

Research Manager

Julie is a seasoned research manager and relationship builder who understands that strong communication leads to success. Her clients note that she has the rare ability to take in and process a multitude of facts and details and focus on what’s most important. She asks questions to identify key next steps, carving away the fat and distractions.

Prior to joining Artemis, Julie led teams of researchers focusing on financial services/insurance, transportation, education, public opinion and health research at NuStats, Foremost/Farmers, and Old Kent Financial Corporation. Julie graduated summa cum laude in economics and history from Hope College.

Karolyn Cooper

Senior Project Director

Karolyn is an astute listener. She pays particular attention to customer sentiment and has been helping companies translate voice-of-customer insights into actionable marketing strategies for over a decade. Her research experience spans across the financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, public affairs and technology industries. Karolyn’s background in sociology makes her a natural observer of social conditions, which is critical in segmenting research populations and understanding consumers’ underlying motivations, perspectives and emotional drivers.

Prior to her role at Artemis, Karolyn honed her qualitative and quantitative expertise in research leadership positions at three of the Honomichl Top 50 market research firms and drove marketing strategy as a corporate strategic marketing director in the high-end polymer sector. Karolyn holds a BS in sociology and women’s studies from the College of Charleston and an MA in sociology from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Karin Patterson

Project Manager

Karin PattersonKarin’s systems integration expertise gives her a unique perspective when it comes to analyzing and interpreting data. As Project Manager, she draws on her twenty-year consulting background across numerous industries to creatively apply best practices for value-driven, innovative client solutions.

Before joining Artemis, Karin provided contract project and field management, research support and report development for multiple qualitative and quantitative marketing research consulting firms. Prior to that, Karin attained the level of Senior Manager during her ten years at Accenture, delivering information technology, management and strategy consulting deliverables. She holds a BS in Actuarial Mathematics from the University of Michigan.